Adobe Lightroom
The difference between day & light



Adobe Lightroom has since version 1.0 back in 2007 and until the most recent version, been on the edge
When it comes to speed, accuracy, user friendly interfaces with a lot of innovations.

The support is worldwide and backed up by a growing numbers of users which contributes with
knowledge, plug-in etc.



Lightroom Is Not Photoshop

This first point sounds weird because you already know that Lightroom isn’t Photoshop. However,
many people have issues with the fact that Lightroom is different from Photoshop, and don’t think
that another product is needed anyway. I see having an option other than Photoshop as a plus.
Lightroom is a fresh start from Adobe. Here’s a quote from Michael Reichmann from The Luminous Landscape that says it best:

"Lightroom is an effort on Adobe’s part to break away from the Photoshop paradigm. As useful
as it has been for the past almost two decades, Photoshop is not necessarily the best program
for handling photographic raw files that one could invent, if it were to be invented today.
Twenty years ago, when Photoshop was conceived, photography was about film and chemical
darkrooms. The early users of Photoshop (notwithstanding its name) were graphic artists.
It’s only been within the past 5–8 years that Photoshop has become the tool of choice for many
photographers, and it’s only in the past few years, since Camera Raw and Bridge, that it has
started to meet the needs of digital photographers."

Yes, Lightroom is not Photoshop, but it’s not supposed to be. That’s the beauty of it — it’s a
software program made just for you (the photographer), not every other designer out there.
Now, for any designers who may be reading this—sorry. I feel for you. However, if you have no interest in
digital photography, it’s probably best to stop reading here, as Lightroom really wasn’t created with
your type of audience in mind.


Links to a few but very important contributor's i.m.o.
These people knows all "in and out's" in Lightroom



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